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Business Should Use an Answering Service in Place of an Auto Attendant

Research has shown that how you answer your phone matters a lot to your business. Do you think your callers prefer an automated greeting and a frustrating phone directory or a live, helpful person answering their calls?

New technology, specifically in automation, can be exciting because of the possibilities it offers your organization and the people you serve. What works best for the customer is best for you.

Companies increasingly use artificially intelligent auto-attendants to handle customer service. Customer studies suggest that a human approach is better than the cookie-cutter approach.

Even a live answering service can benefit from modern, cutting-edge technology. For example, Affordable Call Centers harnesses the power of a proprietary call handling platform that U.S.-based phone agents can use to provide a rich customer experience and seamless integration.

Additionally, clients can view real-time call interaction information via secured dashboards and access more advanced analytics to make informed decisions.

Additionally, building relationships leads to higher employee retention, which increases customer loyalty when you rely on a human touch rather than automation.

A few more reasons why an answering service is better than an auto-attendant:

Consumer Reports found three out of four people were extremely frustrated when they could not get through. With an affordable answering service, you ensure a person picks up the phone.

Many of those who were annoyed hung up. More than half of people have talked to an automated message rather than someone. Live answering service eliminates extra layers of choices for callers by connecting them to people.

Customer service should be provided via digital channels, not by real people. People prefer contacting their company via email or the company website for simple questions. A survey found that customers prefer speaking directly with someone when they have difficult inquiries.

Customers form impressions of businesses within seven seconds of a call, according to Forbes Magazine. People prefer conversing with a person rather than a computer.

Real people provide more options than auto-attendants. The number one goal in providing quality customer service is efficiency: having issues resolved quickly. It is best to contact a company representative who can solve the issue or connect you with the right person. With an answering service, you get exactly that; highly trained personnel who work quickly and efficiently to resolve problems within minutes. The auto-attendant allows people to choose options for connecting with someone that may not always be relevant. Often, additional transfers are needed beyond that, causing customer frustration to seem never-ending.

There Is No Contest

Keeping customers would be more costly if a live answering service handled it better than an auto-attendant. Don’t fall into the trap of equating trendy tech to a savvy strategy. Industry-leading call centers like Affordable Call Centers use cutting edge tech too, but integrate it with human reps, giving a business the best of both worlds. A customer service experience is automatically better in an organization that has human beings answering the phones.

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