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Sales & Lead Capture

Let us be your sales wing man. Create your own Marketing Campaigns and track your leads. See online reports, Conversions and create your own Marketing work flow.

Call Forwarding to Any Device

When your Virtual Office PBX phone system receives a call, it redirects it to any phone number tied to a physical phone, cell phone, landline, VoIP number, or voicemail.

Virtual Receptionist

Look professional with virtual receptionist services. Have an auto-attendant or live virtual receptionist answer your phone calls

Real-Time Notifications

All your messages are instantly delivered to you via email or text. Notifications are available through the portal and mobile app.

Softphone to Make and Receive Calls

Make and receive calls from your computer or Mobile Device using a softphone. Stay connected from any where. Very easy to use.

Toll Free & Local Numbers

Create a local or national presence for your business. We will answer your business calls professionally and route them for you.

Call Recording

Record your inbound and outbound calls to assess the quality of your phone leads, coach employees and improve sales. Call Recording is included free-of-charge with every CallRail account.

Customizable Call Routing

We're more than just call forwarding. With the Call Flow Builder, you can create interactive menus, routing schedules, custom greetings, location-based call routing and voicemails.


You can benefit from our INCREDIBLE TEAM:

Customer Service

Answering promptly as your business, our happy receptionists route your calls promptly and deliver exceptional service. We will provide an amazing experience for your callers creating great impression for your customers.

Best Prices

Competitive rates and savings on labor quickly add up to more money in your pocket. With ACCS you get live service, and a whole suite of included value services to help your business grow and save money.

Technical Support

We have a great Technical Support team that would help you use the app. You can let our team know if you have any issues using the app and we will be more than happy to help you. With the plans that we offer you can have an entire professional team working for you.

24/7 Online Access

A web based portal making management easy! Get your latest messages and review caller history, call recordings. Access billing and download invoices as easy as a click of a button.


Try Before Buy Guarantee! We're so confident that you'll enjoy our services that we offer a 7-Day Free Trial Period Guarantee.

Virtual Receptionist Services At The Best Price 24/7

Virtual Receptionist Services

Are you interested in a virtual receptionist but not sure you can afford to pay for it? Give us a call. At our call center we put together the most efficient pricing package for your business?

Comparing virtual receptionist providers and their pricing can be quite challenging. Some charge per minute, others charge per call, some retainers, while others charge per call. It is impossible to compare apples with oranges. Affordable Call Centers offers flat rates without contracts or hidden fees. Check out our Pricing.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Affordable Call Centers to Answer Calls?

Virtual Receptionist Services are more cost-effective than an expensive call center such as ours. Our packages provide customized services specific to our customers’ call volumes, which is why we customize our packages.

Affordable call centers give you the benefit of professional American receptionists answering your calls. Our English-speaking staff understands the level of professionalism that your customers require.

Our call center can answer incoming calls 24/7 when many of our competitors can only do so during business hours. Since business hours have changed, you need to think about what will happen to your calls outside of business hours.

Why Would You Need A Receptionist?

While answering every incoming call may be enjoyable, it does not tend to make a lot of economic sense. Your business depends on your unique skills, which is where you make money. Answering the phone can easily be outsourced.

The Internet and cloud technology make it easy to provide remote services. Our technology works so well that you will think a receptionist is in your office.

We will answer your calls while you work; when things are calm, you can use your current system.

Our receptionist service means you can focus on your revenue-generating tasks while we handle the calls. Answering incoming phone calls while working on difficult tasks is distracting. 

AffordableCallCenters.com will not require a long-term commitment from you. You can leave anytime you wish. Our clients stay with us for our excellent customer service and the affordable prices we offer.

How Do You Use It?

Please fill out the signup form on the signup page, or contact us by calling (878) 881 1882. There will be no charge on your credit card during the free trial period. 

Please choose the greeting you would prefer us to use for your free trial. It can be professional and classy or casual and relaxed. The next step in signing up for your Virtual Receptionist Services is to inform us if you would prefer to send us your message over email or SMS. You can choose between those two options or have both. 

Send messages via email, if you prefer, but make sure to check your spam folder if they don’t appear in your inbox. Email is the most economical method since most people use smartphones to receive their messages. You can also deliver your messages by SMS if you don’t want to send by email, but there’s a small charge per text sent.

Our virtual receptionists can also act as a physical receptionist and answer your calls. We offer several options for transferring to another extension, for calling colleagues, and more. We anticipate the way we will handle your call and are prepared to supervise them.

You can change your greetings at any time by accessing our convenient portal or by contacting our friendly support team. When you sign up for a free trial with Affordable Call Center, you tell us how you want your phone to answer and what you plan to do with the call later.

Who Uses A Service Like This?

We have customers from all backgrounds and industries. We are especially popular with startups and small businesses where the constant ringing can be a real distraction. We have provided answering services to multinational firms across multiple time zones because of our 24/7 answering services. Our answering services have even handled overflow coverage for employees who are on leave or a lunch break.

Will I be closed on my contract?

Yes, customers may cancel at any time. Since the billing period is monthly, there is no charge to cancel before the next billing cycle.

How can I get a free trial?

Please, click on our sign up page and fill out the free trial. If you need help filling it out or have any questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help you at (878) 881-1882.

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